Birth Control

What To Look For When Choosing Birth Control Methods

What To Look For When Choosing Birth Control Methods

Over the past years, birth control has become very popular with both government and non-government organizations advocating for it. This has lead to the emergency of various birth control methods which people can use. Ranging from pills to condoms to IUDs you have various options to choose the one which suits you. However, not all works well for everybody thus you should consider several factors when choosing birth control method.


Here is what to look for when choosing birth control methods


How it works

rftghsdfBirth control methods work differently with some requiring more effort from you than others. The less effort they require, the more effective it is – for instance, IUDs, implants, and sterilization. Condom and pill requires a lot effort but can be effective if used consistently.


Whether the method is reversible

Some methods such as sterilization are not reversible and thus should only be used if you’re sure you don’t want ever to get pregnant in future. If you intend to conceive in future, you should use methods which are reversible such as oral contraceptives and condoms. If you intend to have children after a long time, you can use IUDs.


The type of a relationship you are in

rdfxcvgvhbIf you’re in a relationship with one partner who is faithful and free from STIs, you can use barrier control methods like Pills and IUDs, however, if you have different partners condoms can be effective as the will also serve to protect you from contracting HIVs and STIs.


Your lifestyle and personality

Birth control methods are administered differently and thus you should choose the one which suits your lifestyle and personality. For instance, methods which do not require carefulness such as IUDs and sterilization can be appropriate for people who are forgetful. Condoms and pills require consistency and therefore should only be chosen if you’re sure you can apply them consistently.


Side effects

Most hormones based birth control methods have side effects which include nausea, breast tenderness, cramping, bleeding in between periods, skin and hair changes, weight gain, depression, and headaches. You should therefore carefully evaluate yourself and decide which side effects you can leave with when choosing a birth control method. Condoms have the least effect.


Your ability to afford

rddfsfcgvhbDifferent methods cost differently thus you should go for the one you can afford easily, not only at the beginning but also in the future.




Your Health condition

Some hormone-based contraceptives are dangerous for women aged above 35 yrs and smoke as they increase the chances of getting heart conditions. Any method you chose should bring more problems so get advice from your provider on the one that fits your healthy condition.…